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VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit

VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit
VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit

VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit

RacingLine VWR VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R R600 Air Intake System Cotton Air Induction Kit. Introducing the all new Cotton Filter Racingline R600 Air Intake System for Golf MK7/MK7.5 GTI R, Audi S3, TT, Seat Leon Cupra, Skoda Octavia - The Ultimate Air Intake System. A great new option for the ever-popular R600 Intake our pleated Cotton Filter element produced from an oiled pleated cotton material.

Cotton Filter: Great Performance // Fit and Forget Trifoam Filter: Highest Performance // Maintenance Required. Giant surface area - for best pleated Cotton Filter performance. The existing Trifoam Filter still gives the very best filtration & airflow on the market, but as a high performance part it requires cleaning and re-oiling to keep the best performance. Oiled cotton gauze materials means this Cotton Filter is a'fit and forget' item.

All Cotton Filter materials will perform almost as well as our Trifoam when new, but will gradually loose airflow capacity over time as dust-loading occurs. The VWR R600 System, Made by RacingLine Performance, best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme since 1997, out of which was born the increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range, with all Race parts heavily Race designed, developed & tested, treat your pride and joy to the best there is with RacingLine Performance Parts. Looking for the most sophisticated cold-air intake available for your MQB-platform EA888 Gen3 car? Some people forget that it's what's inside that matters when it comes to intake systems. The R600 houses a double-sized Trifoam® dome filter inside the giant airbox, breathing in through twin air inlets to achieve lower intake temperatures and worthwhile power gains, significantly improving mass airflow through the turbo. It really is an essential upgrade for higher-powered Golf 7 GTI, R and S3 models. The giant airbox and near-double sized surface area of the filter mean that air flow rates corresponding to up to 600bhp can be supported - hence the name R600. With big-turbo conversions getting close to this power output already, you can be reassured that the R600 has all the headroom you may ever need for future upgrades to your car. The new intake is a high-capacity complete replacement airbox, with twin front air intakes, housing a giant TriFoam double-volume filter rated to 600hp.

Please see the second picture of the new design top cover. The PU material used for its construction is the same as the original factory air box and engine-cover, textured to match into the exact same finish. But its not just the appearance thats built to OEM standard. The mounting points use the factory system, ensuring simple and reliable fitment, with nice details such as the factory drain-hole being retained. Both filters are completely interchangeable with one another.

Choose which filter is right for you. WHY IS THE FILTER INSIDE MY R600 SO CRITICAL? Your engine needs huge amounts of lovely clean, fresh air to deliver the sort of power outputs that the 2.0 TSI is so capable of. But its absolutely critical to keep dirt out of its precise and vital inner workings. Imagine running without a filter over thousands of miles. Performance would be great, but small dirt particles will cause engine wear which leads to loss in performance, efficiency and eventually, engine failure. Think of it like sand paper dragging across every little part in your engine eventually wearing down things like piston rings, valve seats and bearings, killing power and efficiency. So at the risk of stating the obvious, a filter needs to filter dirt out of the air, yet still allow plenty of air to flow into the engine. Thats why the filter is so, so critical. Its the very heart of your R600. Your car will have come from the factory with the OEM paper filter. Its simple, effective, and above all, cheap. But paper is not efficient. Because you are reading this, youre probably already interested in improving your cars breathing by improving its airflow. The R600 intake is the obvious choice - but this is where your filter choice starts. The only two credible choices for a performance intake is a filter media of foam or cotton. The first thing to understand is that filters have to stop dirt by either blocking it or catching it in other words, trapping it on the surface, or capturing it deeper inside the filtration media. Its often a surprise to people to understand that most filter materials tend to flow about the same as each other for a given surface area when brand new. Its only when dirty that the huge differences come in. The next thing to consider is that the largest possible filter should always be selected to ensure the greatest surface area causing the least pressure drop. By increasing the surface area, the pressure drop value is decreased - meaning more free-flowing clean air can enter the inlet system, thus increasing volumetric efficiency of the engine. Pleated filters will always have more overall surface area than a dimensionally identical foam filter. This is due to the nature of construction of the pleat pack being meticulously folded in a zig-zag shape, compared to a foam filters uniform smooth profile. At first this may seem a major advantage from a filtration point of view, however, the larger cross-sectional area of the foam makes up for the lack of surface area by arresting various size dirt particles throughout the layers of foam, whereas for pleated filters the filtration is undertaken on the surface of the pleat pack, with little room for particles to displace through the filtration media.

WHAT ARE YOUR CHOICES FOR R600? For the past five years, since we launched R600, Racingline have only offered the Trifoam filter? Well, we know that its simply the most effective form of filtration available, combining the best possible balance between the protection from dirt that your engine needs, with the maximum possible level of airflow needed for big power gains. But its a motorsport part and as with all motorsport parts, youll need to commit to a regular programme of maintenance as cleaning and reoiling it regularly will return it to brand new performance each and every time. Yet we know that not everyone wants to take on this sort of maintenance, preferring to fit and forget a more robust filter.

So Racingline have launched an alternative thats easier to live with our new Pleated Cotton filter unit. Lets start by looking at our Trifoam triple layer foam filter unit. Three difference densities of foam are bonded together into large sheets, then cut into shape by hand and bonded over a plastic cage to form the shape. Our love of this foam material comes from needing to specify the very best induction materials for our race programme over the past 20 years. And were not alone in this view if you look at how many top-level motorsport teams around the world (including World Rally, WEC and even F1, plus nearly every single performance off-road vehicle in the world) currently use this foam filter material, it speaks volumes.

The first reason for our preference for foam is its dust load up tolerance, which is far superior to cotton or paper. In the industry, our Trifoam is known as a multilayer depth loading media. When dust is fired into the material, it is trapped throughout the depth of the foam, keeping the airpaths open for longer rather than collecting it on the surface.

Cotton (or the factory paper filters) are called a surface loading media, meaning that all the dirt accumulates on the surface of the filter, slowly blocking the airpaths. Get your microscope out, and youd see that the foam has a much larger cross-section and therefore many more places for the dirt to stick to. It also is much more open which is great for airflow. The large open cross-section has completely random passages through the bubbles in the foam, so the air can't go straight through it.

Of course, the dirt can't go straight through it either, which is how the dirt gets trapped deep inside the filter. All of which means that the Trifoam filter can deal with much more dust and essentially give better performance for longer in most environments. Theres more to consider too. Foam filters weigh a fraction of a cotton equivalent.

Also the dome design that we use means a huge increase in the surface area. As, rather than many designs that use an end-cap on the filter, the open end of the Trifoam filter is all usable filter material.

And a filter is all about that surface area. This all sounds just perfect. Hold on, as there is always a compromise! Foam is a relatively delicate material, one that really needs its owner to give it a little bit of love to maintain it.

The secret to keeping the Trifoam filter at its peak performance is to regularly clean and reoil it (using our branded cleaner). Do this, and it will return to as-new condition each time. Neglect it, and eventually it will dry out and deteriorate. So if you race your car, or always want the very best airflow all of the time, the Trifoam is the filter unit for you. Considerations for the Trifoam filter. The best possible airflow for better performance. Airflow barely deteriorates with dust-loading. Foam is more delicate and does need TLC.

After cleaning and reoiling them theyre as good as new. They are a lightweight carefully designed genuine motorsport filtration solution. So there are a lot of good reasons to choose the Trifoam filter. But what about the new Pleated Cotton filter? First and foremost, its an extremely robust and very long-lasting filter with excellent flow characteristics and minimal initial pressure drop.

Making it a great option, particularly for those owners who dont want to commit to giving it the love and attention that Trifoam demands. Ultimately, a filters performance is all about surface area. The deep pleats on our cotton filter clearly increase the surface area whilst the epoxy coated mesh encapsulates the cotton with an incredibly durable outer layer. Its constructed from three layers of extremely fine-weave cotton, bound tightly top and bottom by the mesh. The material is then pleated and hand-formed into shape.

By increasing surface area, these pleats increase its filtering ability and increase its dirt holding capacity. The mesh provides the support to stop the media get sucked into the engine and also makes for a durable outer layer to protect against larger debris. When they are clean, both filters are almost identical in performance. The initial pressure drop figures we have recorded are just as good, and as far as power and torque are concerned the difference is near enough negligible. You may now be thinking this is any easy choice for the Pleated Cotton. However, as with everything in life, there is a compromise. Any Pleated Cotton Filter material will ultimately block up faster If you throw a lot of dirt quickly at the face of it (such as following another car along a dusty road). This dirt will start to accumulate on the surface of the filter, and gradually block up - eventually restricting engine power as the filter efficiency drops. As dirt tries to pass through it, it first starts to build up at the bottom valley of the pleats, and slowly builds up towards the peaks. Its not dangerous for your engine at all, as its still providing filtration.

But gradually you may start to notice that performance is not what it once was and thats ideally the time to replace your filter unit (of course, we supply both types as filter-only, making this an easy serviceable item). Remember how the Trifoam filter does a much better job of capturing this dirt throughout its depth, still leaving a good path for the air to pass through efficiently?

Basically, the Pleated Cotton gets restrictive earlier, whilst the foam remains very open. There are other advantages to our design of Pleated Cotton filter too. All the other cotton filters on the market tend to use a heavy PU clamp-on style design; ours continue to use a giant air horn/ram pipe just as the Trifoam design does - offering definite advantages over the competition. It marginally reduces weight and allows easy connection to either the factory turbo inlet hose pipework or to our silicone pipe upgrades with beautiful smooth airflow guaranteed. So whats the reason to choose the Pleated Cotton filter?

Extremely robust and very long lasting. Excellent flow characteristics when new. No cleaning needed fit and forget.

Giant surface area and air horn into the pipework. As weve said, the secret to keeping the Trifoam Filter at its peak performance is to regularly clean and reoil it (using the Racingline branded clearner, available in our shop). Do this, and it will literally return to as-new airflow each time. Having said that, foam is a delicate, motorsport inspired material. We have seen failures of the foam if its neglected and the oil dries out, or if its cleaned with the wrong materials, or not reoiled. Let any of this happen, and it will turn dry and may well deteriorate significantly. Its very simple with any brand of Pleated Cotton filter.

Once this material is dirty you are really upsetting the structure of the cotton by attempting to clean it. Once it has been washed a couple of times it really starts to break down, and loses its ability to filter the dirt so effectively. So, we really dont recommend cleaning a cotton filter (of any type) - it's always much better to replace the filter unit. Inspection every 10,000 miles / 16,000 kms. Replace (or service) every 40,000 miles / 60,000kms.

Visual inspection every 6 months. Clean & Reoil every 10,000 miles / 16,000 kms. It's the giant, double-size TriFoam filter at the heart of the R600 that enables minimum pressure differentials, yet gives maximum filtration protection to your engine.

Take a look at these numbers. Standard filter area = 43,200mm². R600 filter area = 96,477 mm².

Through keeping intake temperatures as low as possible, and greatly improving airflow into the turbo, more power is produced, turbo lag is reduced and better fuel efficiency is achieved. Maximised efficiency and improved drivability and torque throughout the rev range mean the turbocharger spool drops nearly 500 RPMs, reducing lag and creating faster turbo response. Testing carried out on the R600 Intake has given worthwhile gains on cars at 300bhp. Go beyond this level and very significant power improvements are seen from the Intake system, as the standard airbox and filter reaches and exceeds its airflow limit. The rich induction noise is clear as soon as you first accelerate hard. With the increased airflow from this system, the sound of the diverter valve opening when you lift between gears is much more noticeable. However as an enclosed filter system, volume levels are well-contained, and the sound quality is music to the ears of any enthusiastic driver! A combination of advanced 3D scanning of the engine-bay, then sophisticated CFD software was used to assist the design and achieve optimum flow patterns. Manufactured in the UK from the same PU material as the original factory airbox, this helps prevent heat soak into the intake airflow and is carefully matched to the same finish and appearance of the engine cover. Factory mounting methods ensure simple and reliable fitment. Optimised pressure ratio is achieved between inlet and outlet through maximising filter efficiency. Our TriFoam triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam gives an exceptionally high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air down to well below 5 microns, giving the highest level of filtration to protect your engine. Extensive testing has shown that to get the maximum from the R600 intake, its fitment should be combined with a reputable ECU upgrade.

A worldwide in-field testing programme on a wide range of models including Golf 7 GTI and R, as well as Audi S3 models in markets as diverse as UK, China, USA and Australia proved the design in all applications. Unlike other intake systems on the market, VWR employed Computational Fluid Dynamics (known as CFD) throughout the development of the R600.

Only by modelling the airflow mechanics using numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyze the air flows can we determine the sizes, shapes and flow paths of the intake system. Maybe, but what this image clearly demonstrates even to the untrained eye is how valuable the R600s twin intakes are to getting the air in, then the importance of the giant, double-sized airbox. VW Golf 7 GTI 2013+ 5G. VW Golf 7 R 2013+ 5G. VW Golf 7 GTI ClubSport 2016+ 5G.

VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+ 3G. VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+. VW T-Roc R 2.0 TSI 2019+.

Audi A3 2.0 TSI / 1.8 TSI 2013+ 8V. Audi TT 2.0 TSI III 2014+ 8S.

Audi Q3 45TFSI 2.0 TSI 2018+. Seat Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F. Seat Leon 1.8 TSI 2014+ 5F. Seat Ateca Cupra 2.0 TSI 2018+.

Skoda Octavia vRS III 2014+ 5E. Skoda Superb 1.8 / 2.0 TSI 2015+ B8 3V. If you haven't yet given your VW the VWR treatment, don't delay, get the best there is! See The Shop For The Above VWR Upgrades plus 1000s of Genuine OEM & Performance VW Parts. Update from the team at VW Parts Int.

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VW Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI R RacingLine VWR R600 Air Intake System Air Induction Kit