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MK4 VW Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Bora R32 GTI'H' Gate Shifter Kit + L. E. D Light Ring

MK4 VW Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Bora R32 GTI'H' Gate Shifter Kit + L. E. D Light Ring

MK4 VW Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Bora R32 GTI'H' Gate Shifter Kit + L. E. D Light Ring

If you are not from the UK, then please continue to order via this listing. Just copy and paste the link below or alternatively... Please ensure to watch our dedicated YouTube video on how to fit these kits prior to ordering. Just so you are fully.

Aware of what you will be receiving in your. Kit and also, what is required in order to fit this kit to your vehicle. In to the YouTube search bar and you will find our channel and the video you need. MK4 Volkswagen VW Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Bora R32 GTI'H' Gate. D Gear Surround Light Ring.

This is a brand new product which has been designed & developed from scratch! You will not find another kit like this anywhere on the planet! The gear plate is made from premium grade 3mm brushed stainless steel. D surround/spacer is made from 100% pure polar frost acrylic!

These kits will fit ANY manual MK4 VW Golf/Rabbit, Bora or Jetta - Standard, R32 & GTI. There are now multiple scam websites online trying to sell thousands of great products (including ours). At a reduced price, but not posting them out to unsuspecting buyers... 1 x 3mm Brushed Stainless Steel'H' Gate Metal Plate.

1 x Illuminated Gear Surround/L. 1 x 10mm Thick 3D Printed Black Spacer. 1 x 15mm Thick 3D Printed Black Spacer. 1 x Set of Stainless Steel Bolts & Wingnuts. 4 x 3D Printed Black Retainer Brackets.

1 x Uncut Piece of Magnetic Strip. You will also have the option to add a couple of extras to your kit if desired.

1 x Piece of Black Lycra. 1 x 12v Cigarette Plug. Please watch the recommended YouTube video if you are unsure if you require these extras or not.

Please Note: The'H' Gate plate should not be used without the spacer/s provided!! All items within your kit will be checked & tested before they are dispatched! But if you have any concerns or issues... We will be more than happy to try & resolve any issue you may have!

Because it is a really good product!! We also sell these kits for the MK1 Audi TT. The gear knob shown in the pictures/video is NOT included in this kit.

Please Note: The gear stick may rub slightly against certain edges whilst going into certain gears. Due to the nature of the gear sync, it would be impossible for each gear to sit. So please bare this in mind before purchasing that you may encounter. Slight friction from the'H' plate when putting it into certain gears.

Please consider carefully filing the underside of the metal plate, as shown in the recommendation picture on this listing. Do bare in mind that these kits may not be a perfect fit for every single MK4 Golf or Jetta on the planet..

You hopefully might be 1 of the lucky 99% and have no issues once you've fitted the kit.. But you might also be 1 of the unlucky 1%. A return case straight away. Just because your specific model is slightly out of alignment does. Not mean that our kits are faulty. So if you are not happy. Then we aren't either!

We will always endeavour to resolve any issues you may have. If we have tried every possible option to resolve your issue without success... Then we will always happily. We have also recently decided to make all of our products more eco-friendly..

So we are now 3D printing most of our spacers for the'H' gate kits in-house, using a. Biodegradable PLA material, which is just as strong as acrylic, but doesn?

Due to the natural processes of 3D printing... Surface of the spacer is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but...

The edges which are the only. Part seen once the kit is fitted are perfectly smooth. Being able to 3D print our spacers in house. Has also allowed us to reduce the price of each kit too...

Which is always great news for our customers. Or if you need any help or.

Tips on how to fit your kit. We are always here to help and we are always. Dedicated to ensuring ALL of our customers are happy with their product..
MK4 VW Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Bora R32 GTI'H' Gate Shifter Kit + L. E. D Light Ring